Saturday, October 8, 2011

What's in my grandmas purse?

Today my grandma had some running around to do and asked if I can drop off her purse at her house. I put her nearly 10lb purse in my trunk. Wow, grandma what do you have in your purse, rocks? She giggled slightly ran back to her purse to pull out one more thing before I shut my trunk. She left with a handful her keys, check book, cell phone and sun glasses, so what else could she have in this enormous bottomless pit? I got to her house and I nearly forgot her mega bag, so I had to send my daughter back down stairs to get it. My daughter placed that monstrosity on the table but of course toppled over as I walked by sighhhh and all that wondering went away that quick. All I can think of in a flash in my mind was that stupid pharmacy commercial where that woman pulls out the pharmacist out of her purse. Scattered all over the floor was handful of rubber bands those nasty brown ones, napkins, sugar, smashed honey packs, jelly for toast, stale candy with lint, tylenol with lint, pens maybe about 15 of them, post its, menus, actual rocks those glittery ones, half of cookie in a napkin, apple seeds in a napkin I think, tons of random business cards, crumbled paper, a salt shaker so much more but the weird thing was I didn't know whether to toss the nasty stuff away or put it back in. I was torn because all she asked was take it home. Crazy thing is I'm at my grandmas house enough that I clean her home to help her out, she can have a corner of junk like requerdos from numerous weddings, quinceneras, baby showers etc. and I accidentally dropped one in the trash can and she would call me out knowing which exactly was "missing" I felt bad after the first few times that I would just hide them until she asked then it would magically appear. As bad as I felt putting everything back in I still got in trouble she thought I went digging in her purse because she noticed things out of place. I began to explain it fell but didn't get many words through. Ugh I never win!

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