Friday, October 14, 2011

Music to my ears

Well my Dr.s appointment was very frightening. I am grateful my husband went with me even though I was being stubborn about him going with me. This building was not the usual building that I was use to so it took a few minutes to figure it out. Once we found the actual room that, couldn't of been more frightening. We walked in and a BIG cancer sign on one wall BONE MARROW on the other wall. CRAP! We walked up to the counter checked in and sat down. One bald person after another all wearing horrible wigs :( Each name that was called my heart felt as it was going to jump out of my mouth. I felt so sick to my stomach, in my case sicker to my stomach. Finally a nurse asked me if I had an appointment, after all this anticipation they freakn forgot me. We didn't wait long after that. I went to the back alone at first to check my vitals. WOW! These nurses actually were sweet and compationate. This was becoming rare to these frequent visits to Kaiser. The nurse knew I was scared shitless and she grabbed my hand and told me everything will be fine. The first blood pressure read was super high, I explained again how scared I was. She told me to breathe along with her for a few minutes then we retested. Much better. Now it was time to go to the "room". She asked me if I wanted to let my husband in, so I went to get him. We were now both sitting in the exam room waiting for "the knock" and sure enough, there it was. I almost had to check the floor to see if I accidentally barfed out my rapidly beating heart. In walked the Dr. And his intern assistant. Great thing was he came in with some knowledge about my condition what?? A Dr. That actually reads my file before the consultation?,Whoa impressive. Usually with kaiser, by this point you have repeated yourself over the phone while making your appointment, the person at the front desk, the vital nurse then your Dr. Asking " what brings you in today?". This time,so far the experiance has been good. Since he knew what my symptoms were he just elaborated more on the possibilities of my condition and actually pinpointed many of my symptoms. Then examined me a bit while hitting the nail on the head with my symptoms, like he actually was a real Dr., he then sat down viewed my previous results and said "definately not leukemia" my heart fluttered. Best news in a long, long time. I felt weightless. Just when I was floating on cloud nine and anything else said was a blur he of course said I required MORE blood test. As much as I hate blood test at this point I didn't care I was just told I wasn't dying!, well not this way at least or soon. Off to the blood lab I went and still on cloud nine. My husband and I then informed family then celebrated at a cheapy chinese resturaunt. This was a very, great day.

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