Saturday, October 8, 2011

UGHH ! You are such an ugly Person!

You get here late.
 As you walk through the doorway, the walls, and the pathway you
stride on all turn black.
Your presence, your aura, your face is
filled with an eerie, dark, hateful, black cloud.
 Your interest are done to only benefit yourself.
You have proved time and time again your meaningless attempts to be a person.
 I have come to the conclusion that you will only live in the shadows of a person you want
to become because you will never achieve even that.
 There's no wonder how or why society has allowed you to float around like a plague
better yet a parasite.
Karma makes it's rounds and when it decides to
plant it self into your weak, dead beat, rotting bed, you can count
your blessings that no one will have pitty on you.
 You wear a million masks but I can see through every
single one.
Just know you will always be alone in the sea of a hundred
friends because they too see right through you.
You are a self
centered, inconsiderate bitch!
  Why don't you just go make another bed
of needles and leave someone elses' life alone.
Stop leaching on other peoples happiness and leaving behind your black slime trail.
 Just accept your grim, sad excuse for a life and move on with out tainting
every one that crosses your path or don't try to bring us down with
you and you're misery because you can count us out to accompany you.
Ugh you are such an ugly person!

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