Saturday, October 8, 2011

Thank you

You are a freakn forty something year old woman with nothing going for
yourself, but you try to lecture me?
You have a degree on this and that and have nothing to show for and you're lecturing me?
 You tell me not to spoil myself to spend wisely but you live with your mom rent free,
when she is struggling on living on her dead husbands life insurance
and social security and you're lecturing me?
You work for the police department and they teach people to be careful with Internet predators
and you claim you're in love with some odd ball from Greece that you
visited once and he bailed on you and you're lecturing me?
You yell at my kids when I got really sick telling them "your mom is stupid for not going to the
hospital" and you're nearing 400 lbs and dying from diabetes and
You're lecturing me?
Enough is enough, these are only this months
complaints, sit back and let me tell you about me bitch!
Ya I had my
first kid at 16, I graduated high school, worked two jobs, took some
college courses, moved out took care of my daughter, met my husband of
now, had a son, struggled, got a government job, steady worked for six
years, bought a home, brand new car and now living and you go on
lecturing me?
You don't even know me. Same family blood runs through
our veins but you are not me, you don't know me, you have no right to
judge me,you know something... something  wonderful came  about all  your kind words, people like
you come a dime a dozen in this family you have made me stronger.
Thank you Tia, I forgive you but most of all I'm sorry you don't see

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